Life Update: One

© Pawel –

I’m sitting here at my desk in my bedrooms at my parents’ house (because I am way too poor to move out yet) attempting to write my first ever blog post. I have been trying to work out what to start with as my first ever post, with very little success. I decided to just write a little about myself, sort of an introduction.

I’m twenty-one and I live and grew up in Brisbane, Queensland. I work full time as an admin assistant at a local plumbing company, I have sort of becoming the senior admin assistant as everyone else that had been there longer than me has since left. I am also, slowly, attempting to teach myself French. Before starting to work I went to university for two and a half years and studied an Event Management course, I honestly hated and decided to drop out a year before I would have graduated. Dropping out was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I love to read, my preferred genres are paranormal, sci-fi, and romance; though I will read just about anything. One of my close friends from high school, an author with her first novel due for release early April, suggested I start a blog reviewing books. I thought, why not. I review a lot of books for friends and families any way all I would need to do is expand on that a bit.

So, here I am.



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