Life Update: Two

© Pawel –

Hi guys,
Sorry for basically dropping of the face of the earth after only a week. Real life has been pretty hectic recently.
I went in for a check-up with my specialist (I have a cyst on the LHS sacrum, the bone between the two hip bones) and found out it had grown, only a tiny bit, but enough that the Dr says it needs to be removed. So, I have to have pretty serious surgery for that sometime in the next 12 months. The Dr wants me to be at the best physical condition possible before surgery to make recovery a bit easier. So been stressing and worrying about that a bit. Work has been crazy recently as well. In general, I have just been really busy.
Although, I have just finished the first step of this project I’ve been working on for about six months. Basically, I have a USB that I store all my eBooks on – some purchased by me, some free and some have been gifted to me – and I have been trying to sort the, all out and rename the files to all be named the same. I started with about 12, 000 files just in one folder and randomly named. I have now sorted through them and delated duplicates and am down to about 9000 to rename. I know, I know – why do I have so many. I have read most of them but I also have quite a lot that are sequels or books from an author that I have read previously but not read the other works. My goal is to have all of this USB sorted by the end of June so I can read the ones that I haven’t already. Honestly though once I finished sorting that folder I was so happy, even though it is easy work it is very time consuming.
My goal this month is to publish at least five post a week to this blog. So, hopefully you’ll be hearing from me a bit more.
Talk soon,


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